Favorite Finds | Week 6

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Did this week fly by for anyone else?  We've had a lotta stuff going on around our house, and I feel like I turned around and somehow the week is GONE.  Not a bad thing!  I'm ready for the WEEKEND. Here's some of my Favorite Finds this week: 1.)  J. Crew Sale Honestly, I used to think I was too old to shop at J. Crew.  But a couple of years ago, I went in and realized they are a classic and timeless store that ANYONE can wear.  I have bracelets and necklaces that I wear everyday … [Read more...]

Grocery Shopping for Weight Watchers ~> Weigh-In Wednesday

Grocery Shopping on #WeightWatchers via JustForClicksBlog.com

Two posts on Weight Watchers in one week?  Well, since I'm just getting back on WW ~ it's ON MY BRAIN.... It's been a couple years since I've been on Weight Watchers.  So it's been a bit of a learning curve to get back on track.  Some things I remember from last time.  Some things are new discoveries. Regardless of WW, my goal is to always have my family and I eat as Clean as possible.  That being said, there are a few "less than clean" products I will admit to relying on. It's a balance. … [Read more...]

Weight Watchers | Getting Back on Track

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This past weekend was the start of Weight Watchers for me.  Again.  In 2011-2012, I lost a LOTTA weight using Weight Watchers and the Couch-to-the-5K running program.  Weight Watchers works.  Combined with a high energy sport like running?  It is amazing. Back then, I stopped using WW when my running got up to 25 miles a week.  At that point, I was in great shape and ate to fuel.  But when my back went out and the running stopped, my eating quickly returned to old ugly ways.  And … [Read more...]

Favorite Finds

Favorite Finds via JustForClicksBlog.com

It's FRIDAY!  Woo-to-the-Hoo!  The weekend is calling my name louder than usual this week.  How about you? A big THANK YOU to all who entered the Amazon Gift Card Giveaway.  The Rafflecopter Widget selected the winner this morning and an email has been sent. Okay on with this week's FAVORITE FINDS: 1.)  Scrub Daddy - I first met this little guy on Shark Tank.  But first tried it at my Mom and Dad's.  LOVE.  When it's run under cold water, the scrubber is firm and makes it easy to get … [Read more...]

Dirty Diet Coke

dirty diet coke

So across the internet and social media I kept seeing comments about "Dirty Diet Coke".  Honestly, I assumed it included liquor.  But then I saw Moms talking about drinking it early enough in the day I realized they either had issues or I needed to do some further investigating into what a "Dirty Diet Coke" really was.... Turns out?  No liquor.  To which some of you say YAY and some feel the air being let outta your balloon. Here are the ingredients.... If you see the Coconut Syrup and … [Read more...]

Favorite Finds | $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

amazon collage

So....  I'm trying to settle into this blogging stuff.  And it's trickier than one would think!  Writing posts is only half the battle.  But I love it and am enjoying learning all the behind the scenes stuff and meeting new bloggers. One of the things I've learned so far is that one great post can bring a LOTTA folks to your blog everyday.  But a lotta folks don't necessarily mean they stay or connect.  I've also learned it's important to understand why people come to your blog... what is it … [Read more...]

Weigh-In Wednesday | Hobbies


The winter that never wants to end continues here in Indy.  Though I shouldn't complain because the 14" of predicted snow over the weekend turned out to be about 3".  But the cold.  Oh the cold. I decided on Sunday that I would not let the bitter temps keep me from a commitment I had made to myself to practice shooting photos.  And my sweet son agreed to join me.  So we bundled up and set out.  What does all this have to do with Weigh-In Wednesday?  Well, here's what's in my head.... What we … [Read more...]

Mexican Layered Dip


For a visual, I'm helping my daughter with homework {on a Sunday} while working on this post...  And I'm eating the leftovers from this very recipe.  At this point, I'm no longer hungry.  But the amount of homework this girl has is about to send me over the edge.  First, it's 6th grade.  Did I even have homework when I was in 6th grade?  Second, we've spent hours on homework for Art and Gym (okay it's the health side of Gym)  classes and have yet to start the other stuff.  Now, no knock at all … [Read more...]

Friday Favorites

say cheese

1. Doesn't Target always hold special treasures we aren't looking for?  My last trip there, I came across this super cute journal.  Perfect timing as I'm starting photography lessons. 2.)  Speaking of photography.... I love my camera bag.  But it's more functional than attractive.  It'll be great when I'm in hiking/outdoor times.  But I wanted a camera bag for times when I also wanted cute with my functionality.  Enter the Libby Bag.  I am loving this bag {a birthday gift from my man}.  Just … [Read more...]

Weigh-In Wednesday {NEW Home!}

Weigh-In Wednesday {honey nut cheerios with berries}

So, this morning's Weigh-In Wednesday post is gonna be much quicker than others....  because.....  My time has been spent on sprucing up our little home on the internet!  What do you think?  It's ALMOST done!!!!  And to be clear...  I did not spruce up the place.  The incredibly talented Lauren from Restored 316  was the mastermind behind the scenes.  I just got to select the fun stuff.  If you are in the market for an update to your site, I simply CANNOT recommend Lauren enough.  She is so … [Read more...]