Weigh-In Wednesday Week 7

Welcome to our 7th week of Weigh~In Wednesday!
We’re so glad you’re joining us…
Okay, we’ve talked about BREAKFAST and we’ve talked about LUNCH…..  so today we’ve gotta talk about DINNER!
I’m on my own most days for breakfast and lunch…..  So my choices {good or bad} only impact ME.  Dinner is a different subject.  I’m not only impacting my health, I’m responsible for my husband and kiddos.  So as often as I can, I make sure I prioritize a healthy and delish dinner.
Menu Planning is Key
Every week {usually on Sunday} I sit down with my computer {to surf my favorite websites and blogs}, cookbooks and magazines to create the week’s menu plan.  I don’t have a fancy planner…  just a paper and pen….  I list out the days of the week.  Using my calendar, I then mark next to each day that time will be short and my slow cooker should be used.  Knowing I need those recipes I’ll hunt for those first.  Then, I fill in the rest of the days….. usually planning a night a week to close the kitchen and have my family take me out. ha!
The Slow Cooker is Your Friend
Because of after school activities, there are some nights when there just isn’t time to cook dinner.  If I don’t want my family to eat cereal {though that certainly happens}, I have to plan ahead and use my slow cooker.  After everyone has had a hectic day, it’s SO nice to walk into the house and get hit with the aroma of dinner awaiting us.  Two of my recent favorites I’ve made are…..

Slow Cooker Chicken Curry {recipe from The Lemon Bowl}

CrockPot Italian Sloppy Joes {recipe from Skinny Taste}


What’s For Dinner?
As much as I LOVE my menu planning….  life happens.  And for the times I don’t have a plan and am not prepared I have a few go-to dinners.  The easiest one is Breakfast-for-Dinner {a family favorite}.  A close second is:
Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Peppers and Chicken Sausage
This is yet another gift from Aggie.  Very similar to her Maple Roasted Vegetables with Sausage, I LOVE this quick and simple meal.
  • Cut up Sweet Potatoes, Chicken Sausages, Bell Peppers (Onion would also be yummy)
  • Mix in large bowl with Olive Oil, Fresh Ground Salt and Pepper and Five Spice {smells just like Fall}
  • Dump onto baking sheet covered in foil and bake at 400* for 30-40 minutes

Now, it’s YOUR turn!  
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  1. Kim | Just For Clicks says

    This week was not my shining week. It all snowballed from poor sleep. I really believe when we don’t get enough sleep EVERYTHING else falls away. My water intake was poor. My exercise wasn’t as intentional. And my eating (while still focused on home~cooked and mostly Clean Eating) was not controlled. And the scale reflects it as my weight loss is now a weight gain and I’m back to where I started. It’s a new week and a clean start!

    • Candy says

      Kim–sleep is so important! I totally get it. The fact that you still focused on clean eating is great though–that is something to celebrate. It can be such a struggle to focus on clean eating when you are exhausted and need to just eat something!! We are at least staying mindful of our goals.

  2. Linda says

    That’s right, Kim, thank goodness every week is a new one. It’s been a while since my weight has been less than 10 lb over goal weight. Today’s weigh-in, finally, was 7 lb over goal, a loss of about 3 lb for the week. I did pretty well eating, very well exercising, drank my water. I had terrible nights until the last night or so. That was due to the stress and anxiety of a personal issue that is much better now due to me forcing myself to talk about my feelings. So hard to do sometimes! But I feel like a major load is off of my mind and heart. Anyways, somehow I lost extra weight I think from all the tossing and turning, which is very unusual for me. I usually stress eat. For this new week I’m resolved to keep up the good habits, hopefully sleep better, and I’d like to try a couple of new, healthy recipes for my daughter and me. Thanks for the good ideas, I’m going to try some of them. :) Have a great week, everyone!

    • Kim | Just For Clicks says

      Hi Linda! Thanks for weighing in. I do really well when everything is status quo…. but then something disrupts it {like lack of sleep} and I get SO off my game. So so glad you were able to drop those 3 pounds this week! Love your attitude and love your attitude toward the coming week. Keep Going!!!

  3. Leslie says

    My week was good. I am on day 11 of SouthBeach and feeling happy with my results. Even though it is tough to get an accurate read on my scale, I would say I am down a good 5 lbs. Phase 2 come next week with the addition of grains, wine, some fruit….sort of makes me nervous to add them in but it will also be nice to have less restrictions. Hopefully I will continue to lose weight.

    Good news today was I tried on my jeans (jeans are always a struggle for me) and they fit. They will look even better on me when I lose 10 lbs! My reward was finding $15 in the pocket! Oh happy day!

    • Kim | Just For Clicks says

      Leslie, that is AWESOME!!!! South Beach is HARD, especially Phase One. SO proud of you for setting that goal and seeing it through!!!! And what a great reward to get into those jeans. Keep going GirlFriend!!! Awesome Job!!

  4. Candy says

    I lost a little–but exercise is still not consistent. Life gets in the way of my big plans. I know everyone is busy, but how on earth does exercise fit in with full time jobs out of the house, sports, family, etc.? I just haven’t figured out a great plan for fitting it in! I can’t do before work since I already get up at 5:30 to get everyone out of the house at 6:50–5:00 is just too painful to consider!!

    • Kim | Just For Clicks says

      Candy, I think you raise SUCH a great point! I think this is something we need to spend time talking about as a group. My initial thought is that I’m just proud of you for doing what you can/when you can. Try not to compare yourself to anyone else. If this season of your life, you can get in a walk here and there when the weather is nice on weekends do that. If you can do a workout dvd a couple times a week do that. But don’t be too hard on yourself! The goal is to keep moving forward…. even if we slip up or have difficult weeks. Hugs GirlFriend!!!

  5. Liane says

    Kim, the sausage oven bake recipe sounds awesome. Need to try that soon. I’m on the run this week in Dallas so haven’t weighed in a few days. But when I left home my weight was holding steady and I am ok with that. Next week will be a challenge as I’m working at a conference in New Orleans. No time for exercise with long days and I’ll be at the mercy of the food they provide. Plan to so my best with eating. I I hold steady for another week I’ll be happy. Have a great week!

  6. Debbie says

    Oh my, that last recipe looks delicious and so easy! I can almost smell it. :) Thanks for sharing. I have to visit Aggie’s blog more frequently. I love the idea of planning meals each Sunday. I tend to have many of the same things to eat each week and it can get a bit boring.

    Blessings and love,

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