{The New and Improved} Weigh~In Wednesday!

If you missed the news posted in the Weigh~In Wednesday FaceBook Group…..  we are broadening what Weigh~In Wednesday is all about…..

I felt convicted that though it’s super important to check in regularly with how well we are treating our bodies through healthy eating and exercise…..  I also wanted us all to have the chance to weigh~in on how we are doing as a whole person.  A chance to set goals and then evaluate each week how we are doing with our goals for our bodies, our minds, and our souls.


We will continue to weigh-in on how we’ve done with our healthy eating and exercise goals.


This is where we can weigh~in on goals we are setting to grow our minds.  Maybe you’ve decided to start a new hobby, read a challenging book, learn a new subject.  Whatever it is that stimulates and grows your mind.


This is where we can weigh~in on goals to grow in our Christian faith.  Maybe you’re starting a bible study, striving to memorize more scripture, committing to daily Quiet Times.

My hope is that we can all learn and grow from one another.  And as has always been the case, this is where we hold one another accountable, encourage one another, and spur each other on.

wiw verse


So my weigh~in for the week:


My back has been a hot mess.  So I have avoided the gym.  I have been eating Chobani yogurt and granola most mornings for breakfast — keeps me super filled.  I have been walking for my exercise.  And I’ve done a horrible job of packing my water.  I’ve been busy and just find myself not prepared when it comes to eating and drinking while on the go.  This Week’s Goal:  WATER, 5 Long Walks, No eating after dinner!


I’ve been on a quest to learn to do things better.  I’ve been practicing becoming a learner.  Given that I’m rather independent….  I’m taking time to ask and learn rather than do my own way.  This Week’s Goal:  Schedule a Photography Class


I’ve been enjoying daily morning Quiet Times…..  recently read a new favorite quote to keep me going with that:  Elizabeth George encourages women to “beat your family up”!  :-)  So I’m trying to make sure I do that each morning to have true Quiet Time.  The bible study I’m doing encourages the use of index cards for scripture memorization but also to keep your mind focused on the positive thoughts your striving toward.  My stack of cards is growing each day!  This Week’s Goal:  Memorize a new verse.

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  1. says

    I so miss joining in the link-up to WIW! However, today, my big excuse is that my husband is adopting my son (a prayer of 12 years being answered by the Lord), so I will be celebrating with family today and in my heart continue being overwhelmed by where the Lord has brought me in life.

    To at least update: First of all – I LOVE the new direction. I often join in a “Wellness Wednesday” link up too, because all of these things, our whole selves, need to be healthy and well. Excited to see how this evolves moving forward.

    Body – I am slowly improving on my nutrition (probably minus today’s pizza and ice cream sundaes haha) and I have completed all of my exercise goals. This is my third week of getting back into the habit of exercise and I am feeling stronger again and really enjoying that sense of accomplishment the Lord is bringing me to in bringing my body under control.

    Mind – I have started my Luke study for my quiet time, as well as now I meet with a wonderful woman my age weekly to discuss the Luke study as she is doing it with me. I am also doing a book study with one of my best friend’s, “The Shelter of God’s Promises” by Shelia Walsh. Yesterday I read the chapter “Grace” and found that I really needed to read that in that moment. God is so good. Somedays I could totally just be immersed in His word all day.

    Soul – My goal this week is to SLOW down and PRAY more often. While I am reading, and discussing, and praying for others, I know that I’m not really spending time praying just one on one with my Lord and Savior. I also want to slow down some in the future with filling our weekends full of plans, and have started choosing at least two weekends a month to block off full days for family and some family rest. I also have a short term missions trip coming up that we are going on as a family, and praying the Lord will use this opportunity to continue easing my anxieties and drawing me closer to trusting Him and His plan over my own.

    So maybe my comment is more like a mini-blog. My laptop is finally working again, so I plan to return tomorrow morning with my coffee and read all the link ups. Thanks again Kim for hosting, love it!

  2. Linda says

    Good morning, Kim and all! Kim, this makes so much sense to consider all aspects of our bodies, minds, and spirits here. I love it!
    As far as my body, I’m doing well considering my road trip on the weekend and the fact that we ate out at every meal, including 2 iHOP breakfasts with harvest grain and nut pancakes drenched in syrup. When I returned, my weigh-in on Monday showed me 5 lb up over last week. But I already have 3 of them off, so I’m 2 lb up from last week. I’m off to cardio mix class soon, and will be doing some yardwork and plan to fit in a long walk later. I’ll try to remember my water today. Still am working on my cabbage/vegetable soup, plus will plan a healthy dinner for daughter and self.
    As far as my mind, I’m at a lull with work (for pay), but am reading a book by Lola Jaye (by the time you read this), about a father’s letter/manual written to his young daughter before he dies.
    I did have a short quiet time today, but soon got caught up in busyness with my daughter before she left for school. I plan to pull out my devotional and Bible when I get back from the Y.
    Have a great week, everyone!!

  3. says

    I love the new direction you’ve taken with your blog and our Facebook group. After all, why are we doing this? All for the glory of God. I want to have energy and endurance to be about what the Lord has called me to do. I pulled my back last week but I’m slowly getting back upping the pace on my treadmill. I’ve been drinking mostly water all day except for two cups of coffee in the morning after my first cup of water. I have quiet time 99% of mornings. It helps me deal with my day and reminds me that I have the Holy Spirit within me. I’m working on memorizing Colossians 3 with my church family.

    Great post and thank you again for being our cheerleader. You’re the BEST KIM!

    Blessings and love,

  4. Leslie says

    Body-After a weekend out of town, I am up 2 lbs, but ok with it. Got back on track Monday morning and hope to be back down by the weekend. I know this is a lifestyle. I am still sick (it has literally been weeks and weeks of a cold-please pray) and because of that my exercise has not been happening at all. I wear a Fitbit and hope to be well and back to walking and Zumba within a week.

    Mind-hmm, good to think about. Need to set some goals.

    Soul-I am supposed to be reading The Imitation of Christ with my church, but have been very spotty with it. I plan to find some time each day for that (and the Bible reading that goes along with it). I would also like to memorize some scripture, starting with the verse you posted today Kim. Love it!

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