Weigh~In Wednesday Week #10 | Workout Wear

Welcome to Weigh~In Wednesday!  If you are new, WELCOME!!!
Each week we “weigh~in” on how we have been doing on our goals {body, mind, and soul}.

We focus not just on our bodies through healthy eating and exercise,
but also goals to engage our minds and to influence our souls in our Christian Faith Walk.
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So this week I feel like talking about Workout Wear!  It’s getting cooler {LOVE Fall weather} which means it’s time to bring out pants and long sleeves.  Because my size this Fall is different {did you notice my positive word choice in lieu of LARGER?} than last Fall I needed to do a little shopping.

First stop: Lululemon.  I picked up a basic pair of capris (great for gym workouts OR paired with long sleeve on cool, not cold days).  I think Lulu is great for smaller sizes.  But they only carry up to a size 12, their clothes are all very tight fitting (I prefer looser), and they are pricey.

Second stop:  Lucy (a new to me store).  More reasonable prices, carries up to size 18, and roomier fit clothing.  I ended up with a cute long sleeve top and a short sleeve tee.

Third stop:  Nordstrom for Zella.  This may be my new most favorite line of activewear.  Price is comparable to Lucy and less than Lululemon.  I love that there is versatility of style to take you from your workout to running errands.  I brought home a cute pair of leggings with a matching jacket.

My final Fall addition is a new pair of shoes…


Nike Lunarglide 5 Shield

They are a winterized version of my favorite shoe and they are water repellent.

SO, with all this new workout wear, how can I help but WORKOUT?????

What’s YOUR favorite workout wear?

This week’s check-in:

Body = My back pain is letting up some, so my hope is that next week’s report will have more exercise in it.  This week, I took it easy.  I also drank too much coffee and not enough water.  Next week’s goal ~> Get outside every single day to walk and drink 8 glasses of water everyday.

Mind & Soul = I have been extra busy and I’ve allowed that to sidetrack me from my commitments in this area.  Next week’s goal ~>  Back to DAILY Quiet Times, memorize one new verse, and sign up for a photography class.

Now, it’s YOUR turn! 

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  1. Candy says

    Thanks for the post–and the new workout wear ideas. I so need new shoes–and I just checked out Zella. They have plus sizes too! Super cute!!

    I created a checklist system for keeping myself, well, in check! It is working out pretty well. I even went to spinning class last week–and didn’t die! I plan to go again this week, once my butt has recovered enough to sit on that seat again!!

    • Kim | Just For Clicks says

      Candy, YES I love that Zella has Plus Sizes. I couldn’t believe Lululemon only carries up to a 12. I really love your checklist. Would love to have you guest post on it one day soon!!!! Congrats on the Spin Class. YOU GO!!!

    • Linda says

      Great job with the spinning Candy!! I keep meaning to try it. Even though I do step class, I’m sure my butt will feel it when I do, too. :)

  2. Kelly says

    Doesn’t it feel great to buy new workout gear!! Makes working out fun & I actually look forward to it! I’m making better choices in the food department, took a cardio resistance training class yesterday (boy am I feeling it in my shoulders & arms this morning), have been knocking my water intake outta the park!! The goal for this week is to stay active, make healthy food choices, & be the best I can be! :)

    • Kim | Just For Clicks says

      I like workout clothes because I can use them for my walk or gym workout…. and then keep going in them for the rest of my day! I need to take a lesson from you with the water. It makes SUCH a big difference to stay hydrated. Keep on keepin’ on my Friend. ❤

  3. says

    Oh I so need a new pair of sneakers! I am going to check out each of the links you included in this post. I have some workout clothes I purchased years ago while on a trip to NYC. I still continue to use them and love them. They never seem to wear out no matter how many times I throw them in the laundry.

    I’m so glad you’ve changed the theme of our Weigh-In Wednesday. I love to find new recipes, ideas and workout clothes info. But I also want to remember why I’m doing this. I wrote about that in my post today.

    Hugs to you Kim!

    Blessings and love,

    • Kim | Just For Clicks says

      Workout clothes can be expensive…. but investing in a couple good pieces {like you said} will last for YEARS!

      Debbie thanks so much for your leadership and encouragement each week at WIW. And thank you for posting each week Friend.


    • Linda says

      Debbie, I love all your posts, they are so inspiring! Can’t wait to read today’s. I, also, like the change, Kim. It makes so much sense to include all aspects of our lives as we continue to grow and try to be the best people we can be.

  4. Leslie says

    Good morning gals! First off I have got to say that I have maintained my 7 lb loss and that is a victory! If you recall two weekends ago I was in Santa Barbara for my 25th college reunion and last weekend I was on the Oregon Coast for women’s retreat. I am just so pleased that I was able to avoid sugar and gluten, have a few planned splurges, and maintain my loss. This weekend is my birthday and yes, I am having cake (not sugar free but still gluten free) and in two weeks I go with my hubby on a business trip that will be full of delicious foods too, but I am feeling good about being in control and getting back on track after a day or two off.

    Workout wear for me is pretty simple. For cold early morning walks I wear fleece lined leggings ($5.99 at Ross/Marshalls), and a fleece lined shirt from Target. For Zumba I wear target dry fit tops and my Lucy pants. They were $70 but I have worn them for probably 6 or 7 years and they are in great condition. I have black and gray. I wear Nike shoes because I work at the Nike campus. That is it. I would love to get a few more pieces after I lose a little more weight.

    Our church is going through the Imitation of Christ. I am getting much better about reading it and the scriptures that go along with it, daily. Tonight our small group meets to discuss it together.

    PS-I think I am finally over this cold!

    • Kim | Just For Clicks says

      Leslie, CONGRATS on the maintenance!!!! That is so so awesome. I love that you plan your indulgences and then get right back on track. That’s the way to do it! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

      You are so right…. Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and Target have great workout wear too. It’s great to mix it up and get things from different spots.

      You Rock GirlFriend!!!! KEEP GOING!!!!

    • Linda says

      So glad you’re over the cold, Leslie, and that’s wonderful that you’ve keep the weight off with all you’ve had going on! Enjoy your birthday and the cake. :)
      I’ll have to look for fleece lined leggings at Ross. I found some for my daughter recently at a store in Royal Oak, MI. Before that, I didn’t even know they existed!

  5. Linda says

    So glad your back is starting to feel better, Kim! I’ll be checking out your links, too. Right now, I’m pretty well stocked up on fitness wear, except for shoes. My favorite sneaker brand is Saucony. I need to get a pair of winter ones. I love to get my leggings and capris at T.J. Max. They have tons of brands (my favorite is Yoga Girl), and they are usually half off at least. My weigh-in today showed a loss of 1.4 lb over last week. I’m very happy with that. So I’m 8 lb over goal. I have a wedding to attend in another week and hope to lose another pound or two to look my best in my dress.
    Today I’m making beans and greens for the first time since last spring. Can’t wait to eat them! It’s just beans, red onion chopped and sauteed in olive oil, and kale steamed at the end after the beans are cooked. I’m also making a local favorite, cabbage and noodles, but modified using whole wheat noodles, and sauteeing the onion in a little olive oil. Will use just a little butter for flavor. Typically it is swimming in butter! I’ve also stocked up on butternut squash, acorn squash, fresh green beans, parsnips, Brussels sprouts, and the most delicious honey crisp apples, at our farm market and grocery store.
    Next week I’ll be visiting my older daughter at college, and will try to eat as healthy as I can. I’ll be missing some of my normal workouts, but hopefully all the walking on campus will help. And I’ll try to limit my PSU Creamery ice cream to one serving.
    Sorry, I’ve written a book! Have a great week, everyone!

  6. Linda says

    Oh, and I’ve been doing pretty well with continuing my morning quite times. When I don’t, I miss it. As far as bettering myself, hmm. Two things I’ve been wanting to get back to are playing the piano and painting. I will try to put those on the front burner, even if only for a little while each day.

  7. Jeanne Kopp says

    Hi all, I have Lulu stuff from 2 years ago…it looks and feels brand new; .but I never put my things in the dryer. I feel their clothes make me feel SO good and makes me look a bit trimmer (guess it is the material that suck it in for me. ) Lucy is a new idea for me. THANK YOU! I love Athleta (although I feel it is for ‘younger’ women than me…yes I am 62 :-) I also have things from Title Nine that I love and they seem to last and wash well too. I, of course, also love to bargain shop at Marshalls and TJ Maxx :-)

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