Weigh-In Wednesday 2014 {I’m starting The Daniel Plan}

Like many can relate, this is a time of year where a serious detox is in order.  November and December cry out for indulgent eating.  And I graciously took part.  So as January 1 came to mind, I began thinking through ways to hit the reset button and get on track with healthy eating and exercise.

Though I contemplated getting back on Weight Watchers or using My Fitness Pal, ultimately I realized I wasn’t going to keep up with tracking.  I’m not in a season where that sounds like my cup of tea.

And more than I want to focus on tracking, I really want to focus on health.  Overall mental, physical, spiritual health.

Enter The Daniel Plan.  The Daniel Plan is based on biblical principles and focuses on what it calls The Essentials: Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus, and Friends.  I’ve heavily skimmed the entire book (which just released on December 3rd).  But have focused mainly on food for right now to give me a jumpstart into the New Year.

danielplanplate-newI decided to do the recommended 10 (or 40) day detox to kick things off.  In a nutshell the detox is: no caffeine, alcohol, sugar, processed or fast foods, artificial sweeteners, dairy, or gluten.  So yesterday, I skipped coffee and let no sugar pass my lips.  I also spent most of the day with a horrible migraine that had me stuck in bed with crazy pain and nausea.  I don’t recommend going cold turkey with the caffeine!

Day 1:
Breakfast was two eggs scrambled with sautéed spinach.
Mid-Morning was a protein shake. I forgot to grab a photo so recipe to come next time I make it.
Lunch was a chicken stir fry made by my man that was amazing. I was so hungry and by that time the headache was coming on, so no pics, no recipe.
Dinner = After many Advil, I felt well enough to have New Year’s Eve dinner out with my family. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant where I ordered WATER with lemon in lieu of my regular love, Diet Coke with lime. I skipped the chips. For dinner I ate Veggie Fajitas without the tortilla. And honestly, it was delish!
Overall Day 1 => PAINFUL. My migraine came on about 12:30… and it lasted ALL day. My suggestion is to gradually decrease caffeine!

Day 2:
Breakfast was a delicious new favorite Quinoa recipe (post coming soon) with berries and almond butter. And I enjoyed ONE cup of coffee with French Vanilla Coconut Milk Creamer (a CHEAT on my detox).

Lunch was yet another awesome stir fry (this time beef) by my man.
Snack was a large handful of almonds and our new favorite drink (to replace soft drinks)… Pellegrino over ice with lime and 4 drops of Stevia.

Dinner = Black Eyed Peas (recipe coming soon).
Overall Day 2 => MUCH better. I was super productive today and though my head ached, it was NOTHING like day 1.

So far, so good!  As a family we are getting on track with healthy eating choices….  and finding lots of new recipes!  Next up: EXERCISE.



  1. Elizabeth Pergande says:

    I’m in on the eating and exercise and I love the friends part. I can’t give up coffee yet though and will monitor closely the food I eat. I ran today to start of the new year with a bang! Happy New Year. Please lets keep encouraging each other!

  2. Happy New Year Kim! I’m with you and although I thought I had a plan, still ended up overindulging way too much. I’m happy for the New Year and the chance to get things back under control. My husband and I had great success following Whole 30 in August. We started it again today. It felt good to stock the frig with lots of healthy food options.

    I am drinking coffee – just drinking it black. But up until today, we’ve been using the coconut creamer too. It’s a good option. I made turkey chili with sweet potatoes for dinner and it was great. I forget about Pellegrino. Need to put that on my grocery list!

    Excited to see your post on the blog!


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