Banana “Ice Cream”

With the New Year came a renewed commitment to healthy eating.  Clean Eating.  Whole Real Foods.  I started on New Year’s Eve.  I know, right?  I launched into The Daniel Plan 10 Day Detox.  Essentially, no dairy, sugar, wheat/gluten, alcohol, caffeine, processed or fast foods, etc.

Having been in such a cycle or poor eating in November and December it wasn’t so hard.  My energy was low.  And I could feel my body calling out for a fresh start.

The detox went great and I didn’t really miss anything I had given up….  except caffeine.  A migraine on day 1 convinced me that a time of being snowed in for several days was NOT the time to deal with caffeine withdrawal.  So on day 2 I went back to enjoying daily morning coffee, but skipped any other caffeine throughout the day.  I stuck with water and Pellegrino.

I made it until Day 9 without really having a true CRAVING for sweets.

wintercollageThe evening of Day 9 I felt an undeniable desire for something sweet.  Stat!  But I also wasn’t willing to blow my detox and “give up”.

I started to google ideas and was reminded of a treat I’d been curious about so many times, but was yet to try…..

banana ice cream

It’s Banana “Ice Cream”.  Curious?  Literally just take frozen bananas and pulse in food processor until they reach consistency of ice cream. ***It takes a little time, so don’t be worried if it doesn’t come together right away.

If you’ve not heard of this, go ahead and thank me now!  This is A MA Z I N G.  Yes, I know it’s JUST bananas.   But,  my Friends it is DELICIOUS!  Something happens that makes it taste like….  ICE CREAM!

banana ice cream 1

The first batch I made with just the bananas.  Then we topped it with berries and raw walnuts. YUM!

For the second batch, I added some almond butter and some frozen blackberries with the bananas in the food processor….

banana berry icecream2It was equally delish!  The color is beautiful.  Both ways… The texture was smooth.  And the flavor was divine.

This dessert saved my neck from giving in when temptation reared it’s ugly head.

banana berry icecream

I can’t wait to try new versions.  Use new toppings ~~>> Coconut, Dark Chocolate Chips (look for at least 70% cacao and no sugar – some now use Stevia), etc.

No matter that it’s winter and a million degrees below zero. Ice cream is ALWAYS an option!

How would YOU make this tasty treat?
What would you add to the ice cream?  What would you use as toppings?


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  1. RaZella says

    I LOVE having a frozen banana blended with some coconut milk. I haven’t tried it plain by itself yet, so I may just have to do that too! Although the coconut milk gives it such a creamy fatty goodness. Whole30 has made me fall in LOVE with coconut milk haha. Love some of the topping ideas you have. I forsee more banana ice cream in our future as well with some of your twists! :)

  2. Lori | Lori Lauer Designs says

    I cannot wait to try this! Can’t believe this would actually taste like ice cream. Another great one to add to the try pile.


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