How to Set Up a Book Club

Last April I started a book club….  even though I am NOT by nature a reader.  I am however someone who loves to cook…  and eat…. and most importantly, spend time with my girlfriends.  So an excuse to get us together each month?  YES!

  • In April, we read Redeeming Love = BEST BOOK EVAH!  Seriously, could not put this down.
  • May was too hectic to get everyone together. Anyone with school-aged kids can attest… May is CRAZY month!
  • We couldn’t get together in June since a lot of us were taking vacations!
  • For July, we read Bread and Wine (and made Shauna’s Blueberry Crisp). This was a great, easy, summer read!
  • In August we read The Orphan Train (and some also read Sarah’s Key –>> this is now on my to-read list). Orphan Train was a great book…. and a real tear-jerker.
  • We read The Light Between The Oceans (and some also read Where’d You Go Bernadette?) in September. The Light Between The Oceans brought up a lot of emotions and stirred a great conversation when we met. That night we also enjoyed what became a new family favorite, Chicken Pot Pie Soup.
  • For October we read, The Walk. I’m not sure how it was, because I DIDN’T read it. {hanging head in shame}
  • In November we read The Wedding Dress (and some also read The Captain’s Dog). Ummm. I started but did not finish this book. {head continues to hang in shame}
  • For December, our book was Going Clear. And yes, you guessed it…. Did not read it! Ugh. Kick me out already! For what it’s worth, we didn’t even end up meeting because of the crazy schedules everyone had.

sugar coatedWe started out taking book suggestions from everyone and then voting each month.  That worked for a while, but it was quite the process.  Because the votes would never be overwhelmingly for one book, we usually ended up with the top two and telling everyone to read either or both.  That was ok too, but it was a bit weird to all be on different books….  and if you didn’t get to the month’s 2nd choice (and wanted to read it) you heard the ending of the book before you started.  So after several months of trying different methods, we now have everyone assigned to their birthday month (and in some cases their “1/2 birthday” month).  When it’s your month, you choose the book!

We also originally started out having dinner together each month.  This worked great and I LOVED trying new recipes on the girls.  But then winter struck!  And suddenly eating dinner that late wasn’t so appetizing.  So now we stick to drinks and dessert!  And for the meantime (with everyone getting back on track with healthy eating), HEALTHY dessert!

Our group gets together on the same day every month (which was decided the first time we got together) and we always get together at my house.  The only rule:  Get ready for bed BEFORE you come over….  No makeup!  Just sweats or pjs. We stay up late…  so when it’s over and time to go home…  we can all crawl into bed.

SO, January is MY month!  The book we are reading is The Prayer Box.  I felt the pressure to choose the book…  and had high hopes for this one based on the reviews.  I am STRUGGLING to read this (and as I type this, book club is TONIGHT). It’s not a book that has grabbed me.  I keep hoping I’ll get to that point where I won’t be able to put it down.  And uh, that hasn’t happened.  Good thing the food will be good tonight…..  {**Update: Per the discussion with the girls last night, those who read it LOVED it.  Plan on finishing it today…  my thoughts on the book next time.}

monkey barsI LOVE the idea of enjoying drinks and dessert.  But it’s too early in the year (especially with my birthday coming when I KNOW I will be indulging) to bust out a decadent treat tonight.  So, I asked my friend Mallory who owns Sugar Coated to HELP.  She made these incredible Paleo “Monkey Bars”.  Banana and Chocolate Chips…  and HEALTHY?  These are amazing!  Mallory is an incredible baker who has turned her passion into a great business.  She makes whatever it is you are looking for….  decadent, paleo, glute-free, nut free.  You name it, she makes it!  Be sure to check out her FaceBook page to see pictures of her creations.  Not in Indy?  No worries….  She Ships!

the prayer box

The books are good, the food is delish….  but the best part of Book Club?
It’s an excuse to get together with GREAT GirlFriends!


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  1. Liane says

    Hey Kim, I love the idea of a book club–but oh the added pressure to read a book with everything else we have to do! A few months ago I joined a group of ladies, in my remote area. They meet minthly on the first Thursday evening and do some sort of project–canning, making Christmas candy, decorating foam pumpkins, etc. It is a lot of fun and I love the girl time. Everyone brings an appetizer and the host provides an adult beverage. Thanks for sharing. May have to borrow some if your food ideas!

    • Kim | Just For Clicks says

      I know Liane…. Was worried about the added thing to do myself. Some months (like December) I simply cannot read it. That’s ok! The point is we all get together… and have fun! We always discuss the book…. but it’s SO much more than that. LOVE your group idea too. Anything we can find as a committed regular time of getting together with our GirlFriends is just great!!!!

  2. Aggie says

    Sarah’s Key was a good book. I think you would enjoy Heft, or The Kitchen House. Great reads.

    You inspire me to start a book club! Ive never been a part of one, maybe when life settles down a bit. I’m proud of you for starting yours!

    Are you on GoodReads? Can’t remember.

    • Kim | Just For Clicks says

      My girls say I MUST read Sarah’s Key. I’m ordering it along with our February book. And I’m committed to finishing the January book too. Lots of reading in my future. Thanks for the tip on the other books too Friend. YES when things settle a bit more for you YOU must start a book club! It’s been such a blessing in my life!!!

      I am on GoodReads, but need to start using it more!!!

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