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I always LOVE to hear what my friends’ favorite finds are….  A great deal on clothing, a new restaurant discovery, favorite products, what they carry in their handbags.  In my opinion, word of mouth recommendations are the best!  So I’ll make you a deal….  I’ll share some of my recent favorites and then you chime in with yours!  Deal?

First up:  Emily Ley  Simplified Planner {and other organizational products}.


This is a new-to-me find and I actually JUST ordered and am waiting on this.  Through her blog, Emily seems sweet as can be and is an adorable young mom.  She’s finding great success in her online business — having sold out of planners each year they’ve been offered.

I must admit, I normally wouldn’t have purchased a paper planner.  In fact, it’s been YEARS since I’ve had one.  But hearing ALL the phenomenal reviews, I got hooked.  I plan to incorporate this into daily life, while still using my online calendar as I do now.

page-01_grandeI like the idea of planning my day in a planner — laying out hour by hour– and having my to-do list and menu plan all in one.  Anxious to try it out!  It’s ON SALE now and this is the last chance to purchase for 2014.  I’m also considering the Simplified Life Binder to keep all my scatters of papers in one place.

Next up:  The Good Morning Girls Bible Study.  If you aren’t familiar with this, it is a wonderful resource!!!!  This site hosts bible studies throughout the year.  They choose sections of scripture and (using the SOAP method) walk through a study every few weeks.  Their idea is that you find a friend or a group to do the study with….  email or FaceBook with the girls in your group everyday for accountability that you’ve completed that day’s assignment.  This is SUCH a great way to begin bible study if you never have before…  and if you’re already studying the Word, this is a great addition to your routine as it takes very little time.

Week-1To piggy-back this one…  My favorite devotional, Jesus Calling {and also Jesus Calling for Kids} has a great app {also for kids}. The app is about the same price as the book, so you will want to choose one or the other.

Okay, into the kitchen….  I’ve been married almost 20 years and we’ve only had a couple of different plates over the years.  I’ve never LOVED my choice after I’ve made them in the past.  I’ve always either tired of or regretted the color or pattern choice soon after buying…  only to be stuck for years with them.  Finally FINALLY I’ve found plates that I believe I will LOVE for years to come!  And the best part?  They are very inexpensive!!!!

The Aspen plates and bowls from Crate and Barrel = LOVE!



These are great for everyday.  I love the simplicity of the white and the rimmed edges.  I love the size of the dinner and salad plates as well as the cereal bowls.  I especially love the price!  And I love that these will easily serve a more formal table when the occasion arises.  Next on my wish list is the appetizer plates as well as a few serving accessories.

Moving on….  Birchbox is a new to me LOVE.  But I’ll admit it was a hard sell.  I signed up for Stitch Fix after hearing all the hype and ended up wasting money as I sent everything back each month.  I gave it a try – even setting up Pinterest boards for the stylists of things I like.  But I discontinued my service, feeling I may be a bit too old for it.  SO, signing up for Birchbox I was hopeful but hesitant.  I LOVE beauty products and makeup…  but was worried that I may once again end up just feeling OLD.  NO WAY!  I’m loving my little box of goodies each month.  The $10 cost is very worthwhile.  And I’ve received two coupons for 20% off since starting to use toward the purchase of full-size products.


For Indy Locals…. I just enjoyed a super delicious AND healthy lunch with friends at Tulip Noir here in Indianapolis.  All of my GirlFriends and I couldn’t believe we hadn’t been there on a much more regular basis.  The food is amazing, the service is phenomenal.  And, the best part is that it’s all very healthy, whole foods, sourced locally when possible.  They are open for breakfast and lunch and we will all be going back very soon!

tulip noir

And finally….

Though I’ve always kept a case on my iPhone, I’ve just recently added a case to my Mac.  And now, I wish I’d kept one on all along.  My husband however believes it’s sacrilegious to cover Apple products, so he’s not a fan of my new pink cover.  But here’s the thing….  I’m not a fan of scratches, dents and dings on my baby.  My old 15″ Mac?  Covered in damage from normal wear and tear.  My new 13″ Mac Pro?  She will stay dent and scratch free thanks to my new Speck case.  The online reviews for this case were not great {both on the Speck website and on Apple’s}.  I ended up purchasing it through Apple to ensure I could work with the in-person store if I had issues.  I’ve had none though.  I LOVE it!

HD639Okay, YOUR turn!
What are some of YOUR recent favorites?


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  1. Jenni says

    I have always had classic white dinnerware. Mine is about 20 years old, so you have just inspired me to get fresh new stuff! xo

    • Kim | Just For Clicks says

      It’s funny how something like new plates can make you feel like you got a whole new kitchen. :-) Let me know if you decide to add some new ones.

  2. Liane says

    Such a fun post! Kim. I’ve seen some other posts on the Emily Ley planner and I am pretty sure I want to order one. I always love Crate and Barrell and just recently purchase these wine glasses that we truly love. There is both a red and a white version. In fact we ordered them for a parent for a birthday gift this week.


    • Kim | Just For Clicks says

      Liane, if you want to order the planner do it soon…. they’ve sold out of all other offerings and this is the last chance this year. I hate to start a planner in March… BUT the reviews are all amazing. Let me know if you order one. PS ~ LOVE your glasses!!! Thanks for sharing. I will check them out… glasses are my next addition.

      • Liane R says

        Ok, I’m in. I placed my order. I have to commit to using it when it gets here. Check in with me with yours arrives! I’m hoping for helpful hints to keeping me using it all year long!

  3. Debbie says

    I love these fun posts! I’ll have to consider writing one like this another day. I love our Good Morning Girls Bible study. I look forward to each day’s devotional and love reading on YouVersion. Pretty dishes have always been something I love. Even when we had to sell most of our belongings a few years ago, I was able to hang on to some of our dishes. I’m so glad I did as there’s something so beautiful about a table setting with lovely dishes; a work of art. I’ll have to take a few photos to share.

    Blessings and love,

    • Kim | Just For Clicks says

      I hope you do a post like this too! Can’t wait to hear YOUR favorites Friend. Do take photos of your dishes!!! Would love to see them.

  4. SmellingCoffee says

    Good morning, friend. Love this post – and all of your favorites! Hope you have a wonderful day and weekend. Sending love~


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