Weigh-In Wednesday | It’s cold. The end.

So it’s Wednesday and around here that means it’s time to weigh~in.  Whoever came up with that idea?  Ugh.  Well, here’s my weigh-in:  I’ve been celebrating my birthday.  A lot.  And while, yes technically a birthday is one day a year….  this year I’ve seen it as worthy of at least a week or two.  And when I’m done celebrating, I will need to detox.  Again.


Here’s the thing:  THE WEATHER.  Oh my head wants to explode thinking about it.  I’ve tried really hard not to talk about it, not to update a status with it, not to dwell on it.  But THE WEATHER!  It’s never been this cold.  Records are literally being set.  Ice is everywhere. School.  I don’t remember the last time my kids had a regular day of school.  Two hour delays (and as I type this closing all together) have become the norm.  BECAUSE IT’S THAT COLD.

sliced cake

I ventured out yesterday to run errands.  First, stopping at a Redbox to grab a movie to watch (because WHAT ELSE can you do when you’ve exhausted your dvr’d tv shows?)…. and I had to take my gloves off to use the touch screen.  I literally didn’t think I was going to be able to last long enough to complete the transaction.  My hand burned so bad.

cake for breakfast

Every night the news shows stories of the homeless…  wrestling the decision of whether or not to come inside a shelter to get warm or to stay put in the “homes” they’ve created on the streets.  The issue?  Leaving their “homes” means they would come back to find most, if not all, of their possessions stolen.  And the fear of losing what little they have keep many on the streets in this unbearable cold.

t yawn

The horror continues with stories of dogs and cats left outside.  Many found frozen to death.  Some found barely clinging to life, but frozen to what little shelter they can find.  One dog, found frozen to his “dog house” floor could only be rescued after warm water was repeatedly poured over him to melt the connection.  I wish that those who are responsible for these poor animals would be forced outside to see what it feels like.  How anyone can leave their pets outside in this I will never understand.

g on couch

These stories are constant reminders of how blessed my family is to be inside, safe and warm.  Not something to every take for granted.

So, one would think that while we’ve been spending all this time inside TOGETHER that there would be much book reading, board game playing, and hot cocoa drinking.  Notsomuch.  We are all long past the cuteness of being trapped inside.  I think the word stir-crazy applies.  I daydream of feeling that warm spring sun on my face and breathing fresh air again.

In other interesting news, all this extra time at home has caused me to spend a little more time online… and I noticed a huge spike in traffic… turns out these little guys have been pinned more than 4,300 times so far.  Guess everyone is looking for a healthy way to cure a sweet tooth!

chocolate peanut butter oatmeal ball bitesSo — there’s my weigh-in…  a whole lotta belly aching about the weather….  and avoiding admission to what all I’ve been eating as I continue to celebrate my birthday.

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  1. Candy says

    Well, as soon as my detox was over, I splurged. Not 40th birthday splurge, but I did make a batch of cookies and have eaten enough cereal to make up for the missing bowls during the detox! I do need to re-detox as well. Just trying to gear up for it!

    • Kim | Just For Clicks says

      I am debating WHEN my next detox will take place. This weather has me going a little cray cray. I may need to wait till we get a break. Let’s plan the WHEN and do the detox together Friend.

  2. Linda says

    Birthdays should be enjoyed, Kim, I’d be doing the same thing. :). I’m having the same weather issues. Today school is canceled again here, too. When school is canceled, our YMCA fitness classes are canceled. My treadmill and elliptical are staring at me, but I much prefer classes and am ignoring them. And my sweet daughter just made me homemade white chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast (I didn’t have the heart to tell her I already ate cereal a little while ago. But yum!)
    I’ve been in grazing mode with all the time around the house. I have been making lots of healthy food choices, but just am eating more than usual and not exercising quite as regularly. My scale was up one pound for the week. Today is movie day with my daughter, before she heads to work later. I guess even with this cold, people want to go out to eat Italian food. :). Have a great week, everyone, and here’s hoping it will warm up by next week!

    • Kim | Just For Clicks says

      You were smart to enjoy the pancakes and say nothing. :-) I think we are all gonna have to do the best we can until this weather breaks. What movie did you girls see? Sounds like the perfect mom/daughter date!!!

  3. Aggie says

    I can’t even begin to imagine how you are feeling about your weather…UGH. The cuteness is gone…that made me laugh :)

    I have got to try those sweet treats!!

  4. Michele West says

    I hope you all get a break soon! It breaks my heart to think that there are those, human and animal, that have no where to turn:(

    I live in Southern CA and we’ve been experiencing the opposite weather! It’s been unseasonably warm here. That has meant weekly hikes with friends and a lot of outdoor time with my daughter.
    Now on to my progress…I have a ten day streak in on MFP and I’m sticking to an 80/20 clean diet. I haven’t completely eliminated any one food group although I am trying to limit my dairy and gluten intake. I notice when I do avoid the gluten for a day or two I feel fantastic! Guess it’s not quite enough to give it up completely though;) I’ve been maintaining 4-5 day workouts and am down a total of 2.8 lbs.! Slow and steady……

    • Kim | Just For Clicks says

      Michele, SLOW and STEADY wins the race!!! I think the 80/20 rule is the best way to go. I will never totally avoid my favorite foods…. choosing to eat healthy 80% of the time and allowing myself 20% of the time to enjoy my favorites will keep me going. Congrats on the weight loss… And enjoy all that fresh air and sunshine or those of us stuck in the polar vortex. :-)

  5. Sandy says

    Hi. Kim….what do you do to “detox”? I have never done it before and I really need to get back on track and maybe this is how I should start. I enjoy how honest you are in your posts about not “always” eating healthy but enjoying sweet treats. I will never be able to give them up altogether, but I do want to get to where I watch my portion sizes and not have to exercise twice as much just to enjoy those treats. I so hope spring is near so we can get back outside and enjoy some sunshine. I know this will help me focus more on “healthy”.

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