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This past weekend was the start of Weight Watchers for me.  Again.  In 2011-2012, I lost a LOTTA weight using Weight Watchers and the Couch-to-the-5K running program.  Weight Watchers works.  Combined with a high energy sport like running?  It is amazing.

Back then, I stopped using WW when my running got up to 25 miles a week.  At that point, I was in great shape and ate to fuel.  But when my back went out and the running stopped, my eating quickly returned to old ugly ways.  And so….

It’s time to start again!

Weight Watchers - JustForClicksBlog.comI’ve tried eating Clean, The Daniel Plan, My Fitness Pal, etc.  All are great.  All work.  But for me?  I just love Weight Watchers.  It’s super easy.  There are so many great apps, the magazine, online sites and blogs, etc.  And so it begins!

If you want to follow along, I’ll keep sharing here on the blog….  I’m also using Instagram as a source of accountability and to meet others striving to eat well.

Starting Weight Watchers JustForClicksBlog.com

I’m most excited about getting back into the groove of exercise.  For one thing, it earns some extra activity points.  But mostly, because I know it will help speed up the weight loss.  Saturday morning we finally were able to get out and enjoy sunshine and fresh air.  Score!  Sadly, it was back into the 20′s on Sunday!

Breakfast:  One of the things I learned last time is the importance of a nightly fast.  Hence the term BREAK•FAST (Break the Fast).  My goal is to allow 12 hours between the last thing I eat at night and the first thing I eat in the morning. Then fueling up with a healthy breakfast to start the day…

Weight Watchers - Starting - JustForClicksBlog.com

Meal Planning:  I had gotten SO lazy with meal planning.  That’s a huge problem.  Especially when you’re responsible not just for yourself, but your entire family.  Being on Weight Watchers helps to keep me motivated to PLAN our meals and keep those groceries on hand.  Then, when we PLAN to eat out, I’m much more thoughtful in my choices.

Starting Weight Watchers - JustForClicksBlog.com

Snacks and Desserts:  I’m a sweets Girl.  Dessert is a must.  So I’m having fun finding new ways to satisfy those cravings.  For instance…  Two nice sized squares of dark chocolate with sea salt at only 3 WW PP?  YUM!

Getting Started on Weight Watchers - JustForClicksBlog.com

So, here’s to starting over!  I would love to hear from YOU…  Are you on WW?  What plan do you follow to make wise eating choices?



  1. Rosemary says

    I have been on WW for 8 years Life time 5 years. I did gain 8 lbs last year when my daughter and her 3 children moved in for 9 months. Now I am back ontrack and have lost 5 of the 8 luv WW

    • Kim | Just For Clicks says

      I love WW bc so many have had such great experience with it. My mistake was stopping it… Lifetime is the way to go! You can teach me all your tips. :-)

  2. Elizabeth says

    I’m in for clean eating and exercise. Can’t wait til the warm weather is hear so we can get outside and exercise. That is what I need to help jump start my metabolism.

    • Kim | Just For Clicks says

      I know! Just to breathe fresh air and feel sunshine. You can run and I will walk my heart out behind you!!! :-)

  3. Sandy says

    I usually start out with a clean breakfast and then it’s hit and miss how the day goes. I need to work on that. I too am a sweets girl Kim. I have not heard of the sea salt and dark chocolate. I’m going to have to see if I can find that to help satisfy MY sweet tooth.

    • Kim | Just For Clicks says

      Sandy — Consider joining our Weigh-In Wednesday FaceBook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/123745974457533/ I think you would love it! PS ~ Find that chocolate!!! It is SOOO good!!!! :-)

  4. Valerie | From Valerie's Kitchen says

    We are having amazing weather here in California so I’ve had no trouble getting out for runs and I also use my treadmill but I’m nowhere near 25 miles per week! Wow, I’d love to be at that level. Eating at night is the worst culprit for me. I’m so busy during the day that it’s easy to eat light but as soon as I sit down to watch t.v. I feel the need to snack. I’m working on that :) I’ll be watching and cheering you on through your weight loss journey!

    • Kim | Just For Clicks says

      It was pretty awesome running that much. I miss it terribly. BUT my man and I are shopping for an elliptical —>> So I’m hoping I can get in love with that new (non-back hurting) workout. :-) PS ~ TV time is a huge temptation for me. My new trick is berries with Stevia and a bit of Reddi Whip (sometimes a couple chocolate chips)… satisfies the sweet craving.

  5. Marjorie says

    I totally agree about WW. It is my favorite method for losing weight because you can truly have anything you want. Meal planning has helped me so much! Both from a WW perspective and just from a getting organized perspective.

    I am adding your blog to my reads! I can’t wait to follow your journey.

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