Friday Favorites

say cheese

1. Doesn't Target always hold special treasures we aren't looking for?  My last trip there, I came across this super cute journal.  Perfect timing as I'm starting photography lessons. 2.)  Speaking of photography.... I love my camera bag.  But it's more functional than attractive.  It'll be great when I'm in hiking/outdoor times.  But I wanted a camera bag for times when I also wanted cute with my functionality.  Enter the Libby Bag.  I am loving this bag {a birthday gift from my man}.  Just … [Read more...]

40 Thoughts From Turning 40


This weekend, I said goodbye to my 30's.  SO...  is 40 really fabulous?  Here's 40 thoughts from the 40 seat: 1.  One year, not wanting to break my healthy eating streak, I made myself a ricotta cake.... it was disgusting.  At 40, knowing much better, I thoroughly enjoyed every single bite of my decadent chocolate cake covered in buttercream. 2.  I know now that ever attempting to STOP drinking coffee is in fact STUPID.  I proudly admit to being a coffee addict. 3.  At 40, I know that if … [Read more...]