Weigh-In Wednesday | Hobbies


The winter that never wants to end continues here in Indy.  Though I shouldn't complain because the 14" of predicted snow over the weekend turned out to be about 3".  But the cold.  Oh the cold. I decided on Sunday that I would not let the bitter temps keep me from a commitment I had made to myself to practice shooting photos.  And my sweet son agreed to join me.  So we bundled up and set out.  What does all this have to do with Weigh-In Wednesday?  Well, here's what's in my head.... What we … [Read more...]

How to Stop Shooting in Auto Mode | Part Two


Last Friday, I shared my journey to the camera and equipment I have today....  But today it's time to officially STOP shooting in Auto Mode! Again ~~ I feel the need to say:  I do not even pretend to be an expert.  I don't even pretend to have the basics nailed down.  I'm just a girl who made the commitment a year ago to stop shooting in Auto Mode.... who now wants to help you make the jump too! If you are stuck in Auto Mode, I promise that learning to shoot without that crutch will leave … [Read more...]

How to Stop Shooting in Auto Mode | Part One


Friends, let it be said:  I will not try to pretend to be some all-knowing, fantastic photographer.  What I am is someone on the path to learning more and more about photography....  And right now that means I will not allow myself to shoot in Auto Mode.  In this two-part post, I'm sharing what I've learned thus far. Today we are talking ~~> Equipment! The Camera... My 1st DSLR Years ago I purchased a package from Costco of a Nikon D60 with two kit lenses.  That camera was a great … [Read more...]

Photography Friday | Visiting Local Parks


My man and I have ALWAYS loved walking through local parks.  It was on one of those walks he proposed to me.  Now many years later, we love taking our children to the park. As I try to learn more about photography, I'm finding the best way to learn....  is to practice!  And what better homework than the park on a beautiful summer's day... Anxious to share more about my new camera (which I am LOVING) and some of the things I'm learning in a post coming soon....  In … [Read more...]

Lazy Lake Days


Back to school has me missing summer break....  I keep thinking back to all the great memories we made together as a family and with friends. We ended summer with a trip to visit my folks at the Lake.  The weather could not have been more perfect...  I had just gotten my new camera and lenses (more on that in another post) the day before we got there.  These are some of my first clicks with my new equipment.... What are some of your favorite memories you … [Read more...]