Banana “Ice Cream”

banana berry icecream

With the New Year came a renewed commitment to healthy eating.  Clean Eating.  Whole Real Foods.  I started on New Year's Eve.  I know, right?  I launched into The Daniel Plan 10 Day Detox.  Essentially, no dairy, sugar, wheat/gluten, alcohol, caffeine, processed or fast foods, etc. Having been in such a cycle or poor eating in November and December it wasn't so hard.  My energy was low.  And I could feel my body calling out for a fresh start. The detox went great and I didn't really miss … [Read more...]

September’s Book Club

chicken pot pie soup

So I've already talked about My Girls and about Our Book Club.  I've also already admitted to being a horrible reader before Book Club started.  That has all changed my Friends.  I now have stacks and stacks of books and can't get enough of them.  Woo-to-the-hoo! Okay, so since I wasn't blogging during the first few months of our Book Club, let me catch you up: We started out reading Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.  This literally was a book I could. not. put. down.  Oh it is SUCH A … [Read more...]

Weigh~In Wednesday Week 8 | When You Fall Down

Lamentations 323

There are seasons where I sleep well, wake early to coffee and Quiet Time, lovingly send my kids off to school, exercise, have a fully stocked kitchen ready to prepare the healthy dishes I've planned for the week, have bible study done, have laundry done and put away, the house clean and organized, phone calls returned, bills paid....  you name it and I'm on it.  I really like this type of season. There are also seasons where I don't sleep well, I don't wake in time for quiet time, mornings … [Read more...]