Year of Wonders | February Book Club

year of wonders

So last month, I shared how I set up a book club, the books we've read thus far....  and the fact I had slacked in the actual READING of the books the last few months.  I also shared my commitment to reading EVERY book going forward, including last month's book, The Prayer Box.... I DID in fact finish this book AFTER our Book Club met last month.  So here's my quick review:  this book had somewhat of a slow and difficult start for me.  It didn't draw me in immediately.  The main character … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato Corn Chowder

sweet potato soup

Well....  HELLO there!  It's been a while.  Not much.  How 'bout you?  (name that song - ha!) Have you ever tasted something that became an instant favorite?  You knew you HAD to get the recipe and HOPED you could make it just as good?  That's what happened to me with this soup.  My friend, Heather, brought this to a party and EVERYONE raved about the deliciousness.  Thankfully, Heather shared the recipe..... If you're looking for a cure for this never-ending, unbearable winter...  this is … [Read more...]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake

peanut butter cup and chocolate cheesecake

So I had mentioned that February would find me doing a detox after my month-long birthday celebrating.  And I'm sure that WILL happen.  But not today.  Today it's Monday.  And Mondays are hard enough.  But they are even more difficult when they are cold and dark and dreary.  So today, we won't talk detox....  we will talk CHEESECAKE! I've been wanting to try my hand at cheesecake for a sweet forever....  and never had.....  until..... Go Big or Go Home.  This one goes BIG.  And this is … [Read more...]

Five Faves for Friday


It's Friday!  So let's talk Favorites: 1.  I have relied on my Uggs for a few years now.  Relied on them enough that they are on their last legs.  As much as I love how warm they keep me.... With all this snow and ice this season, I decided to try a new boot.  And I now declare these the Best Snow Boots:  Sorel Joan of Arctic.  I've been living in them and they still look brand new!  So though Uggs and these Sorel's are an investment....  it's one that's gonna last for many seasons. 2.  In … [Read more...]

Weigh-In Wednesday | It’s cold. The end.


So it's Wednesday and around here that means it's time to weigh~in.  Whoever came up with that idea?  Ugh.  Well, here's my weigh-in:  I've been celebrating my birthday.  A lot.  And while, yes technically a birthday is one day a year....  this year I've seen it as worthy of at least a week or two.  And when I'm done celebrating, I will need to detox.  Again. Here's the thing:  THE WEATHER.  Oh my head wants to explode thinking about it.  I've tried really hard not to talk about it, not … [Read more...]

40 Thoughts From Turning 40


This weekend, I said goodbye to my 30's.  SO...  is 40 really fabulous?  Here's 40 thoughts from the 40 seat: 1.  One year, not wanting to break my healthy eating streak, I made myself a ricotta cake.... it was disgusting.  At 40, knowing much better, I thoroughly enjoyed every single bite of my decadent chocolate cake covered in buttercream. 2.  I know now that ever attempting to STOP drinking coffee is in fact STUPID.  I proudly admit to being a coffee addict. 3.  At 40, I know that if … [Read more...]

Favorites on Friday


I always LOVE to hear what my friends' favorite finds are....  A great deal on clothing, a new restaurant discovery, favorite products, what they carry in their handbags.  In my opinion, word of mouth recommendations are the best!  So I'll make you a deal....  I'll share some of my recent favorites and then you chime in with yours!  Deal? First up:  Emily Ley  Simplified Planner {and other organizational products}. This is a new-to-me find and I actually JUST ordered and am waiting on … [Read more...]

Quick {Clean Eating} Quinoa Lunch

Quinoa Salad

Lunch may be the hardest meal for me in terms of eating healthy.  The first roadblock is busyness.  If I'm at home, making a mess in the kitchen never sounds fun (there's always enough of those).  And if I'm out, healthy eating requires planning! The second roadblock with lunches is....  WHAT TO EAT. Breakfast is super easy.  Overnight Oats are always a great go-to.  I love the fact you can make Quinoa Breakfast Bake once and eat it all week.  And of course, Smoothies or frozen Waffles are … [Read more...]

How to Set Up a Book Club

monkey bars

Last April I started a book club....  even though I am NOT by nature a reader.  I am however someone who loves to cook...  and eat.... and most importantly, spend time with my girlfriends.  So an excuse to get us together each month?  YES! In April, we read Redeeming Love = BEST BOOK EVAH!  Seriously, could not put this down. May was too hectic to get everyone together. Anyone with school-aged kids can attest... May is CRAZY month! We couldn't get together in June since a lot of us were … [Read more...]

What I’m Eating | Weigh~In Wednesday

brown rice pasta stir fry

SO, last check in was on 1/1 when I had just kicked off my ten day detox via The Daniel Plan.  Those ten days went surprisingly well.  Especially since we were hit with some awful weather.  I was able to give up all that was included....  except caffeine.  The minute the detox was over I made this and these to satisfy the sweet tooth in me that will never go away. I lost three pounds the first full week of detox/eating clean.  And another pound since.  But I would say the biggest change has … [Read more...]