Favorite Finds

Favorite Finds via JustForClicksBlog.com

It's FRIDAY!  Woo-to-the-Hoo!  The weekend is calling my name louder than usual this week.  How about you? A big THANK YOU to all who entered the Amazon Gift Card Giveaway.  The Rafflecopter Widget selected the winner this morning and an email has been sent. Okay on with this week's FAVORITE FINDS: 1.)  Scrub Daddy - I first met this little guy on Shark Tank.  But first tried it at my Mom and Dad's.  LOVE.  When it's run under cold water, the scrubber is firm and makes it easy to get … [Read more...]

Weigh-In Wednesday | Hobbies


The winter that never wants to end continues here in Indy.  Though I shouldn't complain because the 14" of predicted snow over the weekend turned out to be about 3".  But the cold.  Oh the cold. I decided on Sunday that I would not let the bitter temps keep me from a commitment I had made to myself to practice shooting photos.  And my sweet son agreed to join me.  So we bundled up and set out.  What does all this have to do with Weigh-In Wednesday?  Well, here's what's in my head.... What we … [Read more...]