Friday Favorites

say cheese

1. Doesn't Target always hold special treasures we aren't looking for?  My last trip there, I came across this super cute journal.  Perfect timing as I'm starting photography lessons. 2.)  Speaking of photography.... I love my camera bag.  But it's more functional than attractive.  It'll be great when I'm in hiking/outdoor times.  But I wanted a camera bag for times when I also wanted cute with my functionality.  Enter the Libby Bag.  I am loving this bag {a birthday gift from my man}.  Just … [Read more...]

How to Stop Shooting in Auto Mode | Part One


Friends, let it be said:  I will not try to pretend to be some all-knowing, fantastic photographer.  What I am is someone on the path to learning more and more about photography....  And right now that means I will not allow myself to shoot in Auto Mode.  In this two-part post, I'm sharing what I've learned thus far. Today we are talking ~~> Equipment! The Camera... My 1st DSLR Years ago I purchased a package from Costco of a Nikon D60 with two kit lenses.  That camera was a great … [Read more...]