Happy Monday | Easy Ravioli Lasagna

ravioli casserole baked

Happy Monday to you!  Though I'm not a huge fan of Mondays in general {I miss my family when I send them back to school & work}.....  I woke early for Quiet Time to discover a super cool, crisp Fall morning that is just PERFECT! Our family enjoyed some sweet time together this weekend.  And I enjoyed precious time with two GirlFriends on Saturday doing what girls love to do:  SHOPPING!  We hit the mall with purpose ~> Nordstrom's Beauty event.... where we had our make~up done and got … [Read more...]

Spaghetti Casserole | Welcome Fall Y’all

spaghetti casserole2

I think the day after a long weekend always feels like a really Really REALLY rough Monday.  Good gravy I miss my pjs already.  I want my family home with the smell of breakfast cooking.  This morning to get up and moving seems to require even more coffee than normal.....  excuse me while I grab my third cup..... So while we s l o w l y get going with our week..... In my book, summer runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Schools don't tend to agree with me.  But that's my belief.  So … [Read more...]