Favorite Finds

Favorite Finds via JustForClicksBlog.com

It's FRIDAY!  Woo-to-the-Hoo!  The weekend is calling my name louder than usual this week.  How about you? A big THANK YOU to all who entered the Amazon Gift Card Giveaway.  The Rafflecopter Widget selected the winner this morning and an email has been sent. Okay on with this week's FAVORITE FINDS: 1.)  Scrub Daddy - I first met this little guy on Shark Tank.  But first tried it at my Mom and Dad's.  LOVE.  When it's run under cold water, the scrubber is firm and makes it easy to get … [Read more...]

What I’m Eating | Weigh~In Wednesday

brown rice pasta stir fry

SO, last check in was on 1/1 when I had just kicked off my ten day detox via The Daniel Plan.  Those ten days went surprisingly well.  Especially since we were hit with some awful weather.  I was able to give up all that was included....  except caffeine.  The minute the detox was over I made this and these to satisfy the sweet tooth in me that will never go away. I lost three pounds the first full week of detox/eating clean.  And another pound since.  But I would say the biggest change has … [Read more...]

Turkey Chili

The Daniel Plan Turkey Chili Recipe

As I type this we are on day 5 of what's become a trending hashtag, #snowpacalypse.  We are on day 20 of Christmas Break (extended due to school closings).  We are grateful because after 4 days without tv, our satellite dish somehow got clear enough that it's back on.  Well, we are grateful for a LOT...  not the least of which is that we all stayed safe and warm in what was a record setting blast of arctic air and a pounding of more than a foot of snow.  But to keep things real, also VERY … [Read more...]

Weigh-In Wednesday 2014 {I’m starting The Daniel Plan}


Like many can relate, this is a time of year where a serious detox is in order.  November and December cry out for indulgent eating.  And I graciously took part.  So as January 1 came to mind, I began thinking through ways to hit the reset button and get on track with healthy eating and exercise. Though I contemplated getting back on Weight Watchers or using My Fitness Pal, ultimately I realized I wasn't going to keep up with tracking.  I'm not in a season where that sounds like my cup of … [Read more...]